Saturday, April 24, 2010

She is a dreamer April 15th

She is a dreamer
Through a clear views description...
The future is ill ... preventative prescription
Not so psychic, nor misleading ... still there's no explain
Years I've wandered in her "ponder" and got lost - on that plane
Norm' we fight whats true
Rarely does that border dreams
prayer don't make it clear
what does this torment mean?
Vivid, her head sees more - mind makes the eyes a handicap
though patience like watching grass and hour hands as time elapse
careful, don't be destroyed
there is warfare within
don't follow nightmares - foresight is of sin...

she fights a warriors fight to go the night without the horror
mind's in a hostel
wet face is in a furor
legs stiffened straight as she race in the dark
to reach the light and find out she wasnt chasing her heart
right at times wrong but she cant complain
now her drive is killed off and her panic is slain
the dreams don't stop but she understands
that nothing conscious-comprehensible she 'sleep where she stands.

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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