Saturday, April 24, 2010

.. Disguised Love .. April 6

seein his breath but he wasnt passin the doja
started gaspin,
then all of a sudden it starts to get colder
even though he got a--
soul of a warrior, heart of a passionate solider
the pain of "love" resides of the words i told her
a voice inside saying dont be shy,
to slowly cry with ya lonely eyes..
left most behind,
to be with this girl, so he died..
not physically but mentally--
STOP.. woah REWIND...
let me tell you about the story
of a young man seeking a love of glory..
see shorty was a man who always stayed quiet,
started hustlin,
since he sold drugs, someday he had to try it..
didnt like it,
so he made mixtapes for you to buy it..
and on april fifth, thought about sellin again,
but why kid??
he noticed his lifes been fallin apart
wasnt movin fast,
cuz he been crawlin since start..
he was knocked down, opened his eyes,
and seen such a beautiful art,
it wasnt a picture,
but he knew it had to be new to his heart..
it was a girl, who admired his music
started talkin, hangin out
he knew he had to make a move quick--
to get her in his life
but about his street cred, he had to lose it..
at first,
he thought to himself "are you stupid?"
"are you gonna win this fight or thou shall cupid"
he didnt give a fuck-- because the truth is,
nobody understood how this girl made him feel,
he says that its real..
keeps his head up, sayin one day he'd get a deal,
but then one day,
she had somethin to say, he heard the truth reveal
said theres another person,
to him this pain felt so unreal..
looked him right in the eyes,
and through all the desperate times
she has kissed him blind, and left him behind
so much thoughts runnin through his mind,
started thinkin at 5, already a quarter past 9..
through all the crying and lies,
she was a hoe, who liked to hide in disguise..
he still cant believe that it was time for goodbye,
and now he messed with the wrong people, bad deal..
now shortys sippin fortys,
unexpectedly hes havin his last meal..
they bulged in the house, put his head to the steel,
and these motha f*** enjoyed hearin him squeal,
imagine how he must feel, as they made him kneel
shot in the head twice,
two times to make sure he wont heal..
all of this because he fell in love??
pushed and shoved, now hes up above..
cuz sum stupid hoe had to lie about her love..
and now with tears in her eyes--
his mother turned on the TV, down with pride
findin out that the girl shorty was with,
had murdered a whole town of guys..

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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