Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Poor Child ..April 7

Poor child, he needs the love that God would give
He wakes up in the winter, with no heat in his crib
No stove in the house, you can see thru his ribs
What the fuck is wrong with these people with kids?
He'd never go 2 school, cuz he'd ditch n shit
Was embarrassed to sit in class, smellin like piss n shit
Many problems, he acts like a bitch with fits
Dreams of being a rich man, while he's kicking bricks
So he found a dealer, and started selling the caine
But that ain't last long, now he's begging for change
Mind you he's only 15, now he's deadly insane
He doesn't have a bed, but sees others in Chevy's n Range
Sittin on the curb with a hole in his sock
Found crack on the curb, now he's blowing a rock
A woman walked pass, and she told him to stop
"I Can Feel Your Pain Baby, I'm Told To Adopt"
So now he lives the life as her son
And thats where all the happiness n his life has begun
A dinner every-night, no need to fight for a crumb
He inhaled a breath of hope, it went right thru his lungs
Ain't tell you, his adopted momma was a brain surgeon
And when he turned 16, she bought him a Range swervin
Thru the lanes hurtin, you can feel his passion
This story lets you know that God is workin magic.

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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