Saturday, April 24, 2010

..My Favorite "Drug".. April 8

Since I Was Born, I Was Formed, Made To Be A Fiend
To A Drug Bourne Of Trees, A Substance Shaded Green
It Stained My Dreams, Became The End Which Justifies The Means
Corrupts The Mind Of Teens To Malpractice Just To Abide Their Needs
Millions Try To Reach, Find Their Fix From Some Place
Lookin For What Rate Is The Best They Can Get In This Drug Trade
Some Become Bosses And Some Slaves
But In The End Were All Slaves, There’s None Saved
The High Is Fucking Potent, And When The Drug Shows Its Face
Ya Morals Go Up In Smoke And
The High Is World Wide, Travels The Fucking Oceans
Friendships Tainted, Love Is Broken, By This Gateway Drug
Which Ushers Open, The Door To Much Worse Actions
That Steam Veins And Touch Nerves
It’s Some Curse, Some Get A Job To Support It
Some Just Rob For It
But It’s Certain That Once You’re Out, You Long For It
Want More Even If People Have To Get Shot For It
The Withdrawal Leaves All Thoughts Contorted
Ready To Grab A Ratchet Cause You’re Dying For A Fix
Literally, Without It You’ll Lie Inside A Pit
Cause We’ve Created A Dependency That Penetrates Inside Ya Lives
And Grips The Vines Inside Ya Mind
And Rips, So Compared To This, Everything Else Is Of Less Relevance
To Describe Our Dependency Is Well, Intense
Till The Day We Die We All Get High On Dead Presidents

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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