Saturday, April 24, 2010

give me back what's mine

Grandma used to tell me tales of a land of warriors
A place of pride, a flowing stream of cultural richness
Beautiful women dressed in cloaks of modesty
A utopia of brotherly love
Ever open doors and hearts
Growing up in this place would have been a blessing, so now I see what it is that I have been missing
But this land of many tales is no more
The scramble for Somalia bore many wars
Warriors become savages killing their own brothers
Taking away the dignity of many mothers
Culture forgotten, downtrodden and slowly being destroyed
I long to return to my home but first I ask for what is rightfully mine
Give me back my culture, for you are slowly killing it
Showing it no mercy, don’t you see it is my beloved
My culture is all I have left to hold on to
Won't you take pity on a broken child and give me back what's mine

Asha Ali
Copyright © 2010

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