Saturday, April 24, 2010

.. Truth Is Loves Answer.. April 1

Why Lie to our beloved?

In each lie….we disrespect…the…

Truth, the love, the pride, the passion
The home Corazon, my heart is your mansion
Our trial our tale our toil our trouble
The nights we crushed, relaxed then cuddled
The pain, the promise, the children, the clout
The feelings we ponder, but wont figure out
The passage of time, that wondrous illusion
The problems we’ve conquered with humble solutions
THE TRUST, so fragile, in turn yet so strong
Can cause you to quit or move steadily on….


Forgiveness, rejection, humility, pride
An outward robotic yet human inside
Feelings of former, currently changed
Something so common seems suddenly strange
Indecent exposures kill private contains
Not literally speaking but thoughts of the brain
“media stints” are obscure from the lay-low
choices we make can tarnish our halo
u say love is patient, and love is kind
I’m not “seeing” your point but love IS blind.

Decisions, decisions…

How do we proceed? Two wrongs have made this right
We’d be millionaires if HBO had “played this fight”
Our words were on “fire” can this TRUTH douse this bout?
How does one react when he finds his spouse stepped out?
Does love “hold fast” like fouling a guard that’s blowing by the D?
Or does jealousy give love a lock not opened by no key
In this case, I say that there are feelings I conceal
And these wounds are such, for both of us that time can heal.

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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