Saturday, April 24, 2010

.. A Poets Jihad .. April 2

everybody thinks they know what we have,
so i wrote them a poets jihad,
...Jihad??? in islam this means war,
where generals put down guns n battle with clean swords,
soldiers on da front line we need more,
who stand up tall, even if they 3'4,
why be fly? when flys turn into maggots,
i've been doin this for years you could learn from ma swagger,
if i named all da movies with muslim terrorists,
i'd be typin for as long as Allahs errorless,
no human being could take care of this,
let guidance settle lik indians chiefs in mayan temples,
use books as a resource to minimize ur mistakes,
you cant be one-sided in ur views and energized to debate,
theres 2 levels of jihad,
mental n physical,
its critical to understand the 3 principles,
fight in the name of allah,
never let your anger show ur flaws,
and dont follow any mans laws,
da only way i'd ever work for da government is dead,
let the president live,
kill every man under him instead,
and see how he rules???
a fool isn't a fool until he's labeled as such,
would you marry a woman unable to fuck?
when i was young none of this ever crossed my mind,
then i grew up and got lost in time,
life's about war, its not my plan,
100 to 1,
fai played Iraq's neighbor and I-ran,
savage beasts of today dont even know how to properly clean their ass,
hopin Captain Kirk'll beam a path,
to infinity and beyond,
you can dream all day long,
n get stretched out like jill scott rockin beyonce's thong,
mentally i'm lik crouching tiger skippin thru da continents,
shootin it out with russian consulates,
i'm quicker than marines cleaning pistols shootin nuclear heating missiles,
sitting on the kings throne no seating issues,
drunk at nite i'm speeding with you,
hannibal lector n jeffry dahmer status eating tissue,
we are not monsters,
allah willing you will grow n see that,
if not,
read this poets jihad...........

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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