Saturday, April 24, 2010


There she was,in a soul so bright, Damn was she brilliant. She abducted my heart, And I was so resilient.Then again I was surprised how she noticed me. Thinking please, please don’t approach me. She look so innocent,A perfect example of our testament. Then She came up and Smiled. I try to say somting but I-I studerd, I-I got nervous.But She had no fear.Pure Instincts . You could see the Light coming from within. I've never met no one like her. She was a million words.You Crown her Queen of the nerds. She led me Grateness, which led me to rightouesness. With her life got more colorful. And our Faith would become more powerful. She was what I was looking for that I never looked for. Cause To the world she was someone, To me, she was the world. With my life, her,I could trust. There was this feeling that didnt even contain Thrust. I sure hope its love cause The Book don't beleive in lust.

Mukhtar Mohamed Copyright © 2010

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