Monday, April 12, 2010

“My Dream and You”

Pain, Sorrow, Anger and Frustration.
Learn to relinquish your fear, and use it to perceiver.
To get passed all that is impeding you to get to that eternal happiness.
That moment of serene bliss where all your dreams have come true.
That moment where all those painful memories, all the blood, sweat and hours of shed tears have led to something magical.
A moment blessed by Allah(swt), where the one you love is standing beside you.
Take that moment to close your eyes.
To breath it all in.
A moment so unworthy of words that all you want to do is forget the world, and live in it.
Reality can afford to wait a little while.
Live in that moment for as long as possible.
Do that before reality swoops in, and takes it all away.

Sofia Mohamed
Copyright © 2010

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