Monday, April 12, 2010

If you’re listening.

Call it an email, posted letter, phone call or even a message in a bottle
Have you not noticed that for so many, daily lives are a constant battle?

Yet in the middle of their endless troubles and tests, they never give up
Time and space is merged and endless, they pray and wish for it to stop

So if you’re listening, let me tell you about my home my beautiful continent.
Where the land is abundant with wealth enough to make any human content

Yet constantly I watch it being raped, every time it starts to bud its cut down
Governments and co operations amongst themselves the peoples wealth is past around

Use human lives as building blocks for the creation of your glass mansion
All the while they fear and wonder why they are condemned to a world of seclusion

If you’re listening, let me tell you about those who have been forgotten by history
Spent their lives trying to tyrannize the helpless, only to swallowed by the sea
From their high chairs of falsehood they came tumbling down no longer in memory

So if you’re listening raise your hands and with bold courage make a firm stand
Or just keep playing ignorant but the blood will continue to drip from your hand

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2009

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