Sunday, April 25, 2010

our Men - Our Pride

I am writing this out of love for all my brothers in Islam, specifically targeting the somaali guys whom are degraded so often by some of our ladies. Just wanted to let you know, we (the sisters) appreciate your kindness, and your effort to protect us. We are happy to know that our brothers feel our pain and they're always their to stand by our side. MashAllah. hope this lifts your spirits and encourages each and everyone of you to be even better brothers. In general this is for all my Muslim brothers.

our men are our protectors.
They defend us against the objectifiers and objectors.
They were not born from the same mother as we,
Yet they would sacrifice their lives for us to be
Injustice inflicted upon us they cannot see.
My somaali/Muslim brothers got blood, sis. they defend you and me.
Often we only mention the negative and short comings of our brothers,
But today let's explore their positives and others.
They always seem very optimistic,
Nothing puts them down they are not pessimistic.
They praise us, love us and never let others gossip behind our backs.
They speak the truth and state the facts.
They are not the ugly figures of the media that lies,
Their way of speech and kindness makes one exhale long sighs,
Sighs of happiness and joy.
Don't you see the kaafirats who are angry because our men don't treat us like a toy?!
We are lucky to be blessed with brothers like these by our side,
In bliss and joy with our brothers InshAllah we'll abide.
They care for us much and take us as their wives,
They spend their dollars and dimes on us all their lives.
They lift us out of all our miseries and help us regain our dignity,
They're honest and true and in them is much integrity.
With all their might for us they fight,
And they make us look like a radiant light.
Our men are our pride,
That's a fact we cannot hide.
May Allah protect them and us all,
And may our brothers always stand firm and never fall.

Nimo Abdi Warfa
Copyright ©2010

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