Sunday, April 25, 2010

This isnt a love story

So what have I done to deserve this?

After all this how can I still like you?

See there’s still more that I need to get off my chest

So keep alert I need your best interest

Don’t know what to say but I really do feel embarrassed that I miss you

And that I still want to kiss you, still want to be held within your arms

I get that nothing will ever come forward between us

I’m still shocked how it got to this stage, maybe it is a faze

I hate you so much because

I can’t dare myself to return the anger you gave me

When does the playing stop, when will you ever be real with me

Can I whisper in your ear, things I’ll like you to, do to me?

Love me, talk to me

Your lonely oh so lonely

I’ve been lonely to, because I can’t get myself to love anyone else

You’ve hurt me a lot of times, finding ways to come back to my life

I was doing so well without you, it’s too late to apologise

But yet I forgiven you, but all this was to please your heart because you wanted to ease your guilt

So I cry silently at night

Soon it will come when you’ll realize what you done

I hope you enjoyed your fun, but the sunset is beautiful

So I must go and let you know I’m officially done

Smart thing to do is to not talk to you, and sit tight as if I was under some spell.

I find it funny you closed of all contact with me, couldn’t even last without me

See how strong I am, I don’t need you

It’s more funny because after not wanting me in your life

I’m still the only person you only have to turn too.

Let it be over now, because I don’t want it to get to that stage where I cry every night

Satisfaction of my tears I can’t let it get to that point, I’m being used

Or it’s your mind again changing because you can’t seem to choose

So I thought I’ll do us both a favour and walk away, watch me walk away

Idil Ahmed Mahamed
Copyright © 2010

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