Friday, April 30, 2010


Your lines are a piece of Awesome
Rhymes like flowers Blossom
No mate i aint playing Plossom

Sista girl I salute you, I recognize the Contender
Words so flashy, a proposed Render
Its a Rhyme galore dont faint, go on splendor

The lyrical terrorist is on rhyme Recess
Spitting is her game, Do not Agress
Your attempt is flaky, but still Impress

I aint hating, I'm merely word Painting
Call me shakespeare-davinci, The picture needs no Explaining
Pictures are worth a 1000 words, Indulge stop Constraining

I could write till eternity, But i lack tea Incentive
No cuppa to drive me poetically insane, You're in 'luck-preventive'
Trust me next time, You'll be Attentive

My mind's on a time-out, Little lady best you retreat
Words so sweet, Youd 'mistake it for Stew Meat
Have you had enough, And Concede Defeat?

Ilhan Bashir.
copyright 2010

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