Friday, April 30, 2010

..Struggles Of Little Johnny.. April 29th

Heres a story, of a little kid named john
livin in a struggle, has to be a everyday mom
has one cassette, always hearin the same song
literally livin in misery wantin the pain gone
and little john, i realized that daddy aint home
but that aint reason just to carry the chrome
but he looks up to the sky and says "its scary alone"
sittin by the phone, smellin, never havin cologne
cant afford stuff for the house, and sadly he known
so in time his little sister sally has grown,
now she livin in luxury, while hes still at home
hobby--sittin at the graveyard to read all the stones
so in meantime johnny slowly became a thug
dealin with drugs, when all he wanted was hugs
never had love, RIP to his father above
never snitched, cops took him in, all he did was shrug
now hes caught in a hustle, cuz he fought in a struggle
sayin "how would it feel, knowing nobody loves you"
then he reached up grabbed my throat with his skeletal hand
while im telling him, being scared dont make you less of a man
then he realized that i cared, so i guess he was damned
i never ran, and i was there for him, and i aint even his fam
and all these years he lived, he knew whos gon ride
but threw all this, in the end, Johnny committed suicide...

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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