Friday, April 30, 2010

..Lyrical Heart..April 27th

One Good Reason.
You… my desire, my heart’s content – you’re pure,
Seek the “end of eyes water” this time I feel I’m “shore”,
In wake of my tribulation, you grace the horse of seduction,
Dodged dilemma of my drama and faced the cost of dysfunction,
So diving I am, with assumptions of the deep,
To resurface born again, new function so to speak,
I swear it, if we mosey… this thing will fall in place,
It takes time to right align and perfect this raw embrace,
Girl I’m dwelling in this pensive, feeling so introspective,
You my number one objective, more than we’ve expected,
My mind has been infected; I’m not looking for the cure,
The fact you live at distance makes me want to hold you more,
See I’m focused on our lore, our legacy or tale,
Wander deep into your mind and don’t have to leave a trail,
Now this question I unveil, what measures emotion?
What scale subtracts the whales, and weighs the gallons in the ocean?
But you’ve managed a potion, and I’m snared by the savor,
So leaving, is going in labor, pain…do me a favor,
Stay, ignore the annoyance, and the feeling to flip,
You have my word baby; I will steady the ship.
Your Man.....

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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