Friday, April 30, 2010

Prisoners of the Past

My brothers slaughter each other while our mothers and children die
Death has become the definition of peace in my land
Engulfed in a cycle of chaos and misery
Our differences enslave us
The smog of death surrounds us
We are familiar with darkness like it’s our own reflection
The retirement of fear and the severance of hope have left us with nothing but time to kill.
Death taunts us in the waiting room,
I pray to the one and only
Only he can save me now
Everyone I know has gone before me
I sit here in silence among the corpses with just my tears for company
I am the living dead, I feel nothing but emptiness
No energy to bring forth the sound of my pain
So I suffer in silence and the darkness surrounds me
Just like to those before me

Copyright © 2010

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