Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love Story... part III April 26th

brushed off now
all showered and clean
met a new girl
but she still stayed in his dreams
he called her but her confidentiality
was his brutality
getting through could only occur
if it was up to her
so he forgot about her
and he left her to her life
til he came upon her page one day
after he changed his life
she put subtle hints
right between the phrases
he gave a response
he was different now
life was good but would be better with her around
but she came defensive
as a line backer in the super bowl
and he was just a quarter back
picked himself up
and hit her just as hard
knocked the sense back in to her
they were back to normal
but a little more formal
it seemed like a friendship was possible
but somewhere he had crossed the line
and saw the signs
that hung from vines
she was different
no longer did she need him or his counseling
which made him useless to her
the messages stop
it was more like a silent agreement that this chapter
was done
as so was the story
but as loyal friends do
he waits for his december
and he'll hold on
for as long as they both remember
all the ice caps that melted
in the warm aroma of their lust
for the lust that felt like love
had and will always seem so tender
and when summer falls he'll hold on to december....

the end...

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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