Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love Story... part II April 25th

she came back yester year
with a distorted smile
but the eyes never lied
but she did
most of the time
but it was just her love grind
making caramel frappes
with the unamended pieces of my heart
and of course this cold hearted nerd only knew
three words
but to say em meant the end of he
the type that was great at falling
but greater at staying down
stuck on
late night phone calls
turned in to favorite memories
til the the night i slipped
on a frapp heart ice chip
bumped my head
and lost all consciousness
she was the first thing i saw
and the first words i drew
in this scenery of blue
was i love you
she said thanks she was much obliged
and the blue skies morphed into the red sea
but she didn't recognize her feelings for me
i am, was and had always been the best friend
and stepping out of roll can change the play
she had to go at that point and i let her
love is like religion
cant push it on a person
either they believe
believe later
or dont
but for some reason i believed all along
more so alone
the life of a hopeless romantic....

to be continued

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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