Monday, April 12, 2010

Reality Check

Firstly I am untitled but some call me a philosopher and that’s fine by me so long as I am not labelled a dreamer. Yes the world is dark but my conscious is the spark that lights the torch that inspires my thought. Daily drama its like the world is suffering from a continuous trauma. Could it be that thing called karma coming back to hunt her. Evil creeps behind every shadow, while the heads on the dollar you so blindly follow. No need to wonder why your dreams are hollow and your thoughts are like rain water on the pavement shallow. Ask the poor man why he swings his machete, nickels paid for his labour while you enjoy your rice and fine spaghetti. Lets take a minute to pay attention to the mathematics. Struggle on the plantation for a whole year the produce is shipped abroad but your children’s feet are still bare. Exploited by your own government so why should the foreigners care. Do I really need to tell you that the politician is just an over paid dire actor, that waves his hands the same way the conductor instructs an orchestra. Entice you with sweet nothings for your vote; paint you a picture of hope and once in power with public funds he will surely elope. We can sit for hours discussing the problem, but time is better spent on finding a viable solution. It is my understanding that power is in the hands of the masses or is it just my own misconception. Human rights are genuine or just an illusion or an advertisement, then why aren’t Bush and Blair facing an indictment. My thoughts are organic even if you don’t like it; words are lifeless until you stake your life on it. Give a loud voice to those who are voiceless, a platform to vent their unrest. A two faced revolting world, would they be this silent if the white house or parliament became a Jewish settlement. I am not a doctor but such a hostile takeover would cause any human a mental ailment. My only wish is to inspire the strength needed for this unjust mould to break. To stand up against injustice, pain and suffering in vain you will never take. Forgive me if you misunderstand, my words are not to fuel racial or religious hate. But if a man doesn’t stand for that which he believes then he will never tempt fate. Lets make every effort to set the record straight before the world reaches its expiry date. Lets never for get the powers of supplication even for as little as the food on your plate.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2010

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