Monday, April 12, 2010

The unknown stranger

Smells so beautiful like your favourite fragrance,
Every heart melts with a glimpse of your physical appearance,
Takes strides like a model, curves like a bottle,
Body moving to the music,
Self-confidence bordering arrogance,
The physical features open for all to see,
To an extent almost nude to the eye of the beholder,
With an ungrateful attitude,
Yet when you look into her eyes,
You see pure innocence,
But not as innocent as you think...

Based on girls who expose themselves in the public and think they got it all by exposing their physical features and attitude of arrogant. Think the world is theirs by thinking confidence with pride of ungratefulness would make them stand up from the rest and the play the innocent chick but devil thoughts in the mind.

Ahmeddey M Hassan
Copyright © 2010

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