Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You're woken up for Fajr salaah, ahh C'mon! just 10 more minutes of Snooze
But for interviews, school and worldly duties,
Jump at the slightest sound of the alarm you Choose
Fully aware you take away the glow(Nur) off your Face
But you risk it all for Dunya's Grace.

10mins to Praise, glorify and seek Allah's pleasure seems a mighty Task
But a chitchat over an hour long lunch is a pleasurable Bask
Never mind I'll make it up later when i get Home,
The obligatory prayer neglected, you get back to your work Dome.

No guilt, No feeling, hardened dark heart is your Result
And a sincere Reminder that it is time to pray is an Insult
While others are immersed in Salaah And in servitude to Allah the Exalt-ed,
You and and your 'precious' time are on a latest music-Consult.

Shall I remind you O Ye who Believe
Before your time comes to Leave
To visit your grave with Grieve
Perform your Salaah and Allah's mercy and blessings you Receive.

Ilhan Bashir
copyright © 2010

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