Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I want to restore from the start
To the beat of my heart
Our Land of nature, culture and spoken art
The land of poets, beauty and the brave
But now a baby born feels enslaved
Where is the blue and white flag we use to wave
Where is our freedom? I longed to feel safe
We need protection from this misery
Absence of our home leads us to feeling miserably
Our energy and force has been placed on pause
I want to move forward when we have beaten this cause
Or rewind back to relive my childhood and yours
A country, known to be perfection, Now its detailed with flaws
Failing of our Opportunities
Exposed our country to negative scrutiny
O Allah help us regain unity
I know a house is not a home
Truly this land is not my own
O Somalia we should never have parted
I want to restore where I started.

A. Ismail
Copyright © 2010

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