Wednesday, April 28, 2010

.. A Message To My Yesterday.. April 22nd

I broke your heart baby and I'm sorry for that
But shit happens, damn I'm sorry for facts!
For what its worth, she meant nothin it was only a fling
Talkin marriage, we knew it was more than a ring
I aint know when we was ten our love would grow to bond
And more than ten years later we still holdin on
Memories of the good days wont settle wit bongs
Soakin in the tub, but now ya rose pedals is gone
Thought I was too young, didn't know I would fall victim
Of when two hearts attach an cant split'em
I got too much pride to cry for my wifey
But if I didn't mama, I wouldn't have a dry tee
It was real, you was the only dame I trust
She was under you, how you gonna let her break us up
Shit, it took that just to wake us up
Say you moved on, guess it takes God to make us up
But really I cant tell, I can tell you still wont me
I stole a piece of your heart, I can feel the ill moments
I can feel you still on it, you taken, but still lonely
You can feel it, you know that that dude is phony
But I'm me, still me, still the same ol' nigga
Still cool, still hustlin, still the same go getta
But if you cant see the real let me fine tune your glasses sweety
Naw, I aint tryna say you need me
I'm jus tryna ease ya stress, I give a fuck what niggas say
I been ready to bang, I give a fuck how niggas play
But I see ya pain, I will never judge you baby
What goes around comes around, and this chick just played me
You mindless till the shit happen to you
Now I'm up late night, here rappin to you
They think I'm trippin, directed to you, but rappin to dudes
But they say, chances are, it done happened to a few
Ya blessin in disguise came wit dreads an J's
But how am i supposed to show you if you keep neglecting me days
Tryna bring our past back, guess its best to say
I still remember
This just a message to my yesterday!

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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