Wednesday, April 28, 2010

..R.I.P.. April 23rd

That was my nigga, but I buried my past
So I remember vaguely days we had before you passed
And I never said nothin about this, I held it close-
I remember hurtin all day aint even tell it to my folks
12 years later and its reachin the surface, and
I'd give it all back, all the 12 yrs. purchases
Runnin round the hood my nigga had my back
And vice versa, why it have to happen like that
Showed up to 7th grade the loudspeakers forever played
In my head, and I still remember what it said
Your sis came to school cryin, I still see her face
Erased yo mental picture but still see the trace
They said you got hit by a van, on ya bike
Got damn they took my right hand man
Wish I could I go back turn ya head 5 seconds before the wreck, and
Direct you and just lead you from the jam
A part of me died you see but I'm still alive thou
Just keep the sun shinin, and I'll see you in short time...........

Faisal Jama

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