Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toxic Air.

Rise with the sun, draw back my curtains the world at my window, observing my surrounding, my pulse is low, hard breathing, my heart beats at a slow pace, not concerned with the money race, more troubled by were I am heading, then what I am to be getting.

Showered and feed, my front door I close behind me, into the streets I tread, how different seems my city, same glass same concrete yet my vision of truth empty, everyone rushes past me, from all walks of life they come, a multitude of ethnicity, conduct my dealings for the day, but my heart is still troublesome.

I ask it a question, hopeful for a resolution, not looking to be dragged into another never ending discussion, as I feel its beating against my chest, the rhythm is one all to familiar, knowing what’s to come, I sit under the rays of the sun for rest.

My heart begins to speak, straight into the thick of it; the life you live is like inhaling toxic air, you sit in comfort when everything is wicked here, eyes wide open but so many don’t see clear, many live in fear, but do you even care, your taxes are bullets in equivalence, you kill people from far and kill from near, by your hands so many children live in despair, the same way you walk these streets many don’t dare.

Silence from my lips as every word is true, not even foolish enough to say I am but one man what can I do, so I let my heart continue, sweat upon my brow as the words begin again to flow, what of the your own community, no need to look far what of the suffering in your own vicinity, what of the poor that live next door, their bellies like thoughts of hope empty.

What of your brothers time wasting in prison, killing one another for no reason, what of your sisters who live of prostitution, what of the mothers single handed with no aid raising our children, what of our elders living with lack of compassion, while you are preoccupied with lust for this ending false eternity, in love head over heals with the blinding lights of vanity.

The pressure builds and builds and I explode, I ask why my sanity you wish to erode, you speak as if I don’t comprehend, I wish I had the means for all of mankind’s flaws mend, aspiration to be judge and jury, but I am human so I desire not to transgress on the almighty’s boundary.

For a better day I constantly hope and pray, and as sure as the sunrise in the morning, there will be a new beginning and until then I will not stray, life will only get rougher, like a trek up Everest, a whole lot tougher, only way to over come, to persevere, is to come together and shape our future.

I awake back into reality; just in time to watch the sun duck behind the horizon, another day gone and from the heart another lesson, as I walk back to my neck of the wood, I simple message I understood, my own purity is what I must query, from my toes to the tip of my longest hair, or live the remainder of my days breathing toxic air.

Hamza Egal
© copyright 2010

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