Saturday, April 24, 2010

Truth be told


If light were to be shone upon my life,
my humanly blemishes would intervene.
Flourishing into a sequence..
My need to justify
has been defeated.
Demolishing the little bits of reason
for why I haven’t succeeded.
I’ve put my soul out for auction;
the sheyateen made a bid…
Left in the depths of my own pool
of mental tribulations,
I drown.
My body is solely being immersed
into the tears
of uncertainty.
Decaying with humility,
My longing for what this
Duniya holds seems to
be losing its essence
alongside everything else
we’ve ever known.
The reciprocity of our love is tarnishing.
The sheer ignorance of our knowing
yet ignoring is weakening our faith,
and defeating the reason of our existence.
We often promise ourselves to
turn to our creator...
Sometime before judgment day,
but after the death of our kin.
And so we procrastinate
until we are resurrected
In the state in which we have
demised in. I find it
absurd yet insanely true that
We refuse to accept that
in which we’ve been told
until we notice it for ourselves.
Kinda like, being heart broken
by the mere thought of "him leaving you",
knowing that it’d happen... but
subconsciously, you store that thought
for some other time to ponder on
until it’s been re-born, and it
finally happens.
How can I possibly pass my exam,
when I’ve barely studied?
How can I possibly face my Lord,
when I barely know?
How can I justify my actions,
when actions are but by intention?
How can I love my creator,
without pondering over his creation?

Ifrah Hussien
Copyright © 2010

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