Saturday, April 24, 2010


They say every action has an equal or opposite reaction,
and when collisions occur, no matter who's at fault,
everyone gets a piece of the hurt.
But what if the collision is some kind of a clashing,
and I'm in the middle, like: "who are you telling?"
and: "who are you asking?"
It's like I take one step, and ten are coming my way.
From every which way even though I'm not stepping towards them.
They come at me, and all I can do is duck and hide from them.
These forces are definetely not with me,
more like coming at me from every direction possible.
And it's no movie, so these things aren't pause-ible.
There's some girl telling me to gossip,
and she won't even reveal herself to me.
And, don't get me started on the one that tells me to be myself,
and still makes an identity for me.
And there was one force coming at me since I was a little girl.
had me believing in lala land, and a fairy tale world.
As I got a little older, and certainly not wiser,
I came in contact with a force that had me repeating lines.
So I tuned in to MTV, and tuned right back out
when I found out
that their version of the real world was nothing like mine.
Hundreds of other forces that're really not worth a mention,
even though they sometimes caused my focus to hinder.
But I just keep stepping towards the greatest force of them all,
the only one worth to remember.
And despite the many little forces that're coming at me,
I'm glad that when I take a step towards Him,
He takes ten towards me!

Ruqia Osman
Copyright © 2010

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