Saturday, April 24, 2010


She bares the brunt with nothing but the clothes on her back,
She is familiar with struggle and misery but she stops for neither one
She is deaf to the sound of death so she fears no evil
She walks with those tied to the same fate, so she leads them
The journey has clothed her in different clothes but she has always ware one
No time or energy for happiness until her journey is over
Her eyes pierce through flesh and touch your soul
One glance at her, draws back the curtain that conceal your humanity
She puts her self last and can’t remember when she ate last
She is a symbol of our struggle
She is the star of comfort and hope
She is the star of warmth and the strongest bond on earth
One look from her can calm a storm and make sense of your world
We all know her name, and she knows us all

Copyright © 2010

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