Friday, May 14, 2010

If I was you, mother

If I were you, what would I do?
Your intellect and beauty, I would be blessed too

If I were you and no longer me
This is what I would do; I have a list you see,

The world would be mine to mould as I pleased
Oh if I were you, I would have all my dreams finally released

The places I would go and the sights I would see
If I were you I would actually be free

No worries, fears or sadness at all
No matter what hardships came my way I know I would not fall

For I would have your courage, your wisdom and your winning smile
I would climb Mount Everest, jump off airplanes and run mile after mile

You see, if I were you mother my wonderful rock
People would see me and the changes and would truly be in shock

For I would have transformed into this elegant being
I would notice the deep green of the forest tress, the mesmerizing blue of the ocean sea and for the first time I would know what it’s like to be you and not me

I would be kind, patient and fun
I would explore beautiful gardens, have intelligent conversations and be a shoulder to cry on

I would listen tentatively, love completely and laugh endlessly
I would never regret even the tears shed
And when I am too exhausted being you my dear mother, I would simply go to bed!

For the cruelest of fates is the one without a mother,
It’s like removing a warm blanket form a baby – what could be tougher?

My permanence, my rock, my life, my soul
My mother, my heart, my blanket, my whole

As I am left without you my mother, I dream and think, I ponder and I explore
For the days without you are long and each new day I think of you more and more

The sadness of knowing you will never be there
Always wondering what such a life would be, to run to you knowing you will always be there
To know I would come home to your open arms and your lasting love
If I were you mother I would not know that life without you could be so tough

And yet I know I have to be strong somehow
For I know you would not want me to be so gloomy or be so down
So I smile and I pray, I continue and I hope
That the love that ties us together will enable me to continue to cope.

Halima Awil
Copyright © 2010

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