Friday, May 14, 2010

Vivid path

As I sank into deep thought, Wondering what’s right and what’s untrue. Life is short, faith is everlasting, based on what you do. ‘You either build or destroy’ and I was lost in-between the two. Chillin on the Ave, and my brain done flew. The 5%ers rolled up on me with a whole different terminology. The revs throwing bible’s using his psychology. So I strain into my inner and scattered the True Islamic theology. I declared death to former ego. Following the righteous, defining to know, save the Civilized. Redress the criticized. Praying for the needy, and preaching for the greedy. Feeding of the mind, Thoughts are refined. And Salah is always precise. Leaded by the Greatest advice. As I Face towards Mecca, fear on my mind and faith in my heart. Knowledge coming from within as my impressions are clad in art. What they gave us is what I’m giving. I present you the proper way of living. Brilliant, beaming souls that lead the dark hollows. Blessings upon those who follow.
Mukhtar Mohamed
Copyright © 2010

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