Friday, May 14, 2010

A fiery soul.

Born midday just as the sun reached its peak, from the dark brown earthly soil
In the misty heat of the Arabian Desert that could turn icy cold water to boil
12th day of January third year of the eighties, I passed into this world to fight and Toil

Life has been good to me it mixed love, peace, happiness and sorrow all so sweetly
My soul is not one to surrender without a fight, accept or submit to captivity
I feel it start to ignite, not with a flicker but with an explosion the outcome of which you will not like if the wrong chords within me you strike
As hot as the earth’s core at times it even scares me stiff, yet it can be as calm as the breeze that drifts in from the sea, to the one in need it will strive to comfort
Its strength and durability is like that of the hardest alloy or rock on the surface of the planet, it protects me like an unassailable castle or fort.

Some times we converse peacefully and it assures me that there is nothing to make me worry, take life easy and continue to believe in the goodness within me
Some times we struggle to gain control over one another, it tries to establish power through trickery and earthly desires it detonates within me

Some times when the tides get so high, you need to be strong just to get you to where then sun beams and shines even if it is an image displayed by my head
There is so much going in the world that it is hard to remain positive and of strong focus when the earth runs bloody red

So I turn to what gives me satisfaction my children, my purpose, my mission and the beauty the Almighty bestowed on the earth and never trying to deceitfully make my daily bread
Just to live in peace is my goal to worship he who created me and enjoy that which is around me this message my dear soul help me to spread

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2009

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