Friday, May 14, 2010

My Cat

What difference between us?
I adore you my cat. I pity you.
You starve, you suffer,
Unnoticed even by the busy world.
Nor seem to care about your noble birth
Except the mice, you sup.
You are right in ignoring me.
Leaving the dog to worship me.

Am I your mistress in vain?
Or do I waste your talents?
If you feel so, it is natural.
And I know too, I’ve enslaved you,
For, I never share my clothes,
Reluctant to lay a table for you
Nor cuddle you in my bed.
I can’t provide you with all these
For I’m in need myself.

Don’t cry my cat. Don’t give up
We’ve underrated your dignified felinity
Many a times I’ve wished to be you
And you, me?
You’d have realized then
How difficult it is to afford me
How would you clothe me?
You are well disposed my cat.
Better off being my cat
For I am a cat; without a tail!

Gideon Chumo
Copyright ©2009

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