Friday, May 14, 2010

...The Light... April 30th

I got one life to live
and one life to love
So the past hatred
is what my mind is above
High as a dove
on a warm summer evening
Yet you stand as the tree
wit long limbs to reach me
Teach me, the ways I can explain
or attain thoughts
Remain lost, cuz in this day and age
change costs
Yet the same flaws are flossed
and disrupt relations
What aggravation, I dearly miss your sensual sensation
Have patience, I know I done did some wrong
And you ain't gotta make me yours
because I spit this song
But can we get along?
for years to come and go
Never will you be a ho, girl you're a part of my soul
So continue to roll
with the punches
through the thick and thin
Let us begin, in our sweet eternal blissfulness
If you just gettin this, I hope you know what I mean
To hold and squeeze, my supreme focus of dreams
Now I know these are words
that may seem bright
But you're my sun and my stars
so I just seen the light...

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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