Friday, May 14, 2010


They are killing restless, Its like now they believe one must die. The victims are prudent, but only to be tactless? But death is dear-less, and so we don’t talk about it Cause it’s hear-less. But why do they do this? They chose death over life so that means living is to dying and life is living death so death itself is life? But when one is completely fearless, then you’ll live sunny days if you pursue it, religious. Hence, then you will already reckon your face to converge the deep soil. And in life if you’ve lived under Book instructions, Death will lead you to the after-life. Thus religiously, should death be invited into life? And if so, life could not life, living it under death. Therefore we life, and then live deaf. Pursuing life can only lead you to life-less, As for pursuing religion, can direct you to the after-life, Where one is forever young, forever existing and subsequently bereavement is exiting. Moreover, live life according to as you’re told of, Death is of nescience, and so is life. Concerning that its author is always rife.

Mukhtar Mohamed

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