Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seek Knowledge.

'Be Grateful for what You have some people got it rougher than you'. They call u an”islamist”. Does that mean your extremist? That word is not a verb, rather peace. He is not a terrorist rather a law abiding citizen. But we move on, we don’t fall for criticism.

Now “Be in the world like a traveler, or like a passer on, and reckon yourself as of the dead.” According to our prophet that’s what He said. Known to be kind. See Struggles of the confused mind, Will easily lead you to illusions of Lucifer, to let free of your Nine.

Never follow instincts, But be who HE tells you to be, not ‘they’ ‘Thou they shall end in stray’. So do not wonder why the Unwilling is always led by the Unknowing. Seek knowledge. From the cradle to the grave, Knowledge leads to wisdom which shows there is no kingdom but the King's himself. And that's why 25 men were sent,to show you that what life was really meant,for and once You get misguided that you can always repent.

See what do They know about Dreams, Morally destined for high beams. Brainly impressions, Formations of mental objects With a colorful reflection of anticipation. Seek Knowledge. For it will Gain your Pursuit of happiness.And at that point no man can lead you on your mind map, In your world you are the Leader of the outer, Now in your mind Define whats a is a Doubter? And you will think obvious. Different feeling, Different thoughts, some black some marvelous.

And if you get lost in your thought that means your brain shot your heart, so when your about to refer and say something you can't remember that part. Seek knowledge. See Them, They're Sharp-less-ness Lets them carry no message in their lines, So me, I don’t fool with their kind. You maybe led by them and they are led by the big heard of ‘misunderstood’. Notice Your ignorance is everyone shame. And that's why My words feel my pain, so they leave a teardrop after every sentence.
The things that I write, are hopefully guidelines to your new thought pattern Hence, Take me as mind-attacking, As I am basically explaining what ones excellence maybe lacking.

Muktar Mohamed
Copyright © 2010

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