Sunday, May 16, 2010

Suffering of Somalis

May God help my people
We are lawless
We are collection of tribes
And sub tribes and clans
My people are of different sub clans
And families
Each family is enemy of the other
My people are hungry
Not good clothes
And illiterate
my people are gunmen
The eldest is a warlord
The youngest is a militia
We are heading for no were
We are stuck in a war
War of families
We’re neighbors shoot at one another
And children are not taken care of
We give them guns
Not toy or a book
We don’t have enough food
But we got ammunition
To save the children is to save a country
Can anyone hear me?
Am I alone in this world?
Where are my people?
They keep killing each other
Children don’t play with ball but bombs instead
The one cribbed by mines is a Somali child
The one that lost an arm to the war is a Somali teenager
The one losing sight in the war is a Somali elder
The woman in the hospital is a Somali
The gunmen won’t help
We need peace

Sharmaarke Abdi Galbeed
Copyright ©2010

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