Sunday, May 16, 2010

I was told

I was told
When I was kinda old
Don't tie your heart to any one
Then the supreme being
If you do that
Then you'll taste the touch of the wicked devil
Cause your heart wasn't made for it
Your lost and your heart is what you chasing for
And peace of mind is what you begging for
Fleeing to the sustainer is like freeing your heart
A mind who find his name and attributes is a mind of well being
A heart with a sight and seeing

I was told
In young age
The face of earth is your stage
Do your best in this cage
Everyday is a new blank page
You are the writer
Your pen is your fighter
Your lord is the almighty
So pray hard and never fall a prey for the illusionist
Slay every tempting thought with the remembrance
Or it would lead you astray
Your lord would never betray

I was told
When I start to getting bold
To hold on tight
It gets warm and cold
Behold and don't get sold
To the dunya and what it contains
The dunya will never remains
The akhira will eternally maintain
So why struggle for this world
When you gain only suffer and pain

Mohammed Abikar
Copyright © 2010

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