Friday, May 14, 2010


My race and I are fed up with the world

And you can see me however you please

I’m from the only race that exist the human race

I’m from the race thats tired of hearing politicians racial remarks

I’m from the race that’s sick of media making it the topic of the century

While kids are dyeing of the war they permuted and cheerleader for

As if infants can peacefully sleep without hearing bullets pass by

They ignore all these cuz in their mind ignoring a problem makes it go away

They sleep peacefully with full stomach every night,

And they appear in the big screens telling us they the once being terrorized

Correct me if am wrong, people always been dying

But when their people die that’s when they call it an issue

Who decided that your people are more important then theirs

See the problem begins when your categorize yourselves

When one man’s blood is worth more than others, it makes it ok to wipe out nations

Hodan Ugas
Copyright ©2010

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