Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sentiments Of A Nomad

I left my beautiful homeland at a tender Age
3 Years old, Hooyo narrates Qaraar(bitter) tales like common herbal Sage
Of how terrified she was, that her children would have been subjected to
the proverbial 'Battling Cage'
Had she not left.....
Had she had not fled, my brothers would have been transformed...
To child soldiers from latency-Stage.

I loathe Qabiilism, Somalia became a man eat man Society
Hunt down the other Qabiil like wild game, Bisinka!
Like a Nation Of non-Sobriety ( no pun)
Hate replaced Love and greed for power a vital Propriety
The beautiful, hospitable Country now Known for Notoriety.

Twinkle in Hooyo's eyes when the tales shifts to a memorable Phase
Where did the Love go?
When did we become soo barbaric, Setting homes Ablaze
Amidst the tales, I sing the National Anthem,And at the Flag I Gaze
My beloved Country Somalia now just a Noun Phrase.

My Homeland
Is it the land where becoming a pirate is a lucrative survival technique?
Is it the land where children of conflict become hardened child-soldiers?
Is it the Nation whereby graduates are bombed on their graduation day?
Is it the Nation that forgot their Deen and rape mothers,sisters,daughters like Subhanallah!
Or has it become a Nation of Shiib dheh Iska Fiirso...( maa filiin baa?!)

Allow me to vent, I can only pen my sentiments
Heartbreaking to what has become of our Once Recognized Motherland
What do you think is wrong with us?
Even Rwanda became peaceful after its violent period!
Ya Allah! the more I write the more I become Angrier..
Made me forget to Rhyme in this stanza Xaata!

Let us end the Qabiil Segregation
We are one people, Same culture, Deen, Language, One Creation
Let us tolerate each other like we got blood Relation
It starts with You and Me, Illustrate the love O ye young Generation
Shall we all go back and start Civilization?


Peace and Love In Somalia INSHAALLAH <3

Ilhan Bashir.
Copyright 2010

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