Sunday, May 30, 2010

Determined, Desired, Defined

Can you hear the subliminal stream of poetic treasures flow?

The impact so settled that with a flash of an eye it captures you completely.

Semi-calmly, your personal thoughts are going over every aspect in an alarming rate.

Questions upon questions are composed as the flow becomes more intense.

Finally, every realm of your being incorporates the poetic flow as the sun shines brighter.

And my Confidence builds,

Situations, be it good or bad presents, the up and down cycle.

We all work hard to avoid these moments living in the low groove.

That produces the avenues to effect our emotions negatively.

The effort to move upward creates such a task that most will give up.

Yet, working at it takes courage along with faith to reach the higher ground.

Crest of the higher ground can be a pitfall for illusions if one is overconfidence.

Be careful for we live is a constant test that can change at a moment's notice.

On to the pursuit to the after-life,
The journey through the pathway of life proves quite the challenge.
I am able to witness all sides the good, the bad and the indifference.
Despite daily ordeals the book of life gives me an added edge to walk my path.
Yes, it is true, nothing is new under the sun, so I take the Maker's insight and glow.
May these words be an encouragement for you, hard times are becoming harder.

Muktar Mohamed
Copyright © 2010

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