Sunday, May 30, 2010

The World Is Changed...

The World Is utterly Changed....
(Memoirs Of A Poetic Truth Seeker)

The World Is changed, It is stranger than Fiction
Cold world, The most known unknown, no Benediction
Less sincere people, Hatred, Wars, Bad news Addiction
Sometimes makes you feel like you´re computer- chip- programmed
Like your life is under a suspicious personal Jurisdiction.

The World Is changed, It´s like you´re in the land of the Dead..
Except this is not a movie hence no zombie Invasion,
But too many death´s Head....
Look around, deep and closely, Mortality rate widespread..
Twisted and sick world, Too many Anti-Muslims
Heartless jewish scumbags feeding dead palestinian children-
To their dogs like its sweet Rye Bread..!

The world Is changed, Observe
This is not about territorial Reserve
Cruel earthlings without a compassion Nerve
They are against Muslims,Clear Picture: They want to destroy Islam
Yes, this is not a poet´s Verve!!

The World Is changed, Love is just a word in the dictionary, Is It?
Humanity has lost its honour, And we are in a bottomless confusion Pit
Times have changed, Horrible scenes makes you want to Spit!-
-In anger, frustration, outcry, News of more Muslims under Occupation-
-Dying..Dead, Makes you want to throw a Fit!

The World Is changed, Where art thou Muslims, I Yell
It is a wake up call, Watch the news, Interprete, Don´t be under a Spell
We need to bid Indifference and Arrogance Farewell
United Muslim Ummah from villages to far and vast thats whatsup!
Breaking Free from sheydaan´s hypnotic Shell.

The World is changed
Coded World..Coded Illusions..
A puzzle..A maze
A labyrinth..
The most Known..Unknown
Seek the truth....

Ilhan Bashir.
Copyright 2010.

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