Sunday, May 30, 2010

Somalia's Future

I am a Man without a Country, I am the most hospitable bum. No credibility, no degree.
The dirt roads when I was younger raised me. My people... please praise me.
I am a soul that is empty, hollow like the barrel of a gun.
I am filled with so much fire inside, so much beauty truly. On the outside I am dark and coal-like.
I guess you can say I am the Diamond in the rough. I am Patrice, I am Che, I am Martin, I am Malcolm.
I am all that, but I want to be more.
Growing up I wanted to be like Mike,
But since I have grown up I want to be like Sallalaahu-Calayhi-Wasalli
I have dreams to reach farther than my dwellings,
Enough to stir a revolution so the silent majority can start rebelling.
Despite all of the bullet shellings, streets filled with bodies smelling,
we have endured and survived our doomed foretelling.
Yes our story is very compelling, but all praise is due to Allah for us excelling.

- Hashim

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