Sunday, May 30, 2010

Please dont hate

Please don’t hate me for what I aspire what I desire what shall so be mine.
Don’t hate me for my charisma, my mystique, my ray of sun that through any cloud would shine.
Envy is like the angry bulls blunt horn, it may strike with it but it will only hurt the beast so.
But if it’s sharpened with success then that strike shall conceive a fatal blow.
I have no material wealth and yet their eyes follow my every step
some say I am blessed, that it has been passed from generation to generation
through out ancestral revelations when an African witch doctor through rocks on the soil,
he bore witness that all my enemies will tumble and their evil plans foil and all true believers
would be forever loyal to what I say.

Please don’t hate me, for what I have achieved I have achieved
through strife and struggle I made my bed my foe, and my blanket my Stranger yet those haters won’t know that with each two steps I take at least one I fumble, so what sets me apart from the wounded soldiers of life? Do I not feel pain like the rest? yes, probably more, the truth is when they lay there helplessly on the floor I get up and fight with my wounds even when I am over whelmed by the opposition, even when I have not support nor recognition, I take my gun and with precision I aim to beat time and fate. I need not debate...please... don’t hate.

I am not arrogant if you've seen me you'd know, I take this blessing and carry it as though it were a burden looking down instead of up and rejoicing for all the test ALLAH has allowed me to pass. I pray, give and I fast I am a slave I understand...but as far as slaves go I am the pebble that is clearly seen from the sand, when the wind blows heavily I stay firm when the sea tries to do harm I shall defie, and yet instead of love you stare with the greenest of eyes I assure you I do you no harm for peace is my state. I aim to inspire, to spark the flame for the darkened so please know what goes next....

Mohamed Jamal Mohamed Sirat
Copyright ©2010

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