Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nightmares in the ogaden

In the night I toss and turn nightmares burn.... my heart yearns for my people... like a Rwanda sequel ...a horror movie i close my eyes and all i see is evil...i wake up my prayers sooth me. i pray for my land yes and truly...weary of the devils attempt to fool me for he fears that my prayers will be accepted... and the Ogaden will stop being neglected my people not scattered like beads on a table but collected...united... one heart one mind enlightened no more war and chaos no more children frightens the world suddenly aware like a dark room brightens.

i end my prayer and take a few steps outside as the first ray of sun hits me i feel alive but dead inside for like the hopeful mother to her unborn child i may not see my land but my hopes and worries bid me to cry for a while...if only my tears would turn into rain i would cry out the River Nile... and send it back home where food is scarce and crops hardly grow..... a war zone to the fullest... the children in the west have toys our kids play make believe with A.K47 bullets...

the contrast amazing...temperature like a fire blazing....a great either fail and die or your thirst to be the first is only quenched if you succeed to survive...sometimes i wonder if ogadeniya has a life of her own ..if true then does she not know that she is now barren and her children have no seeds to sow...does she not realize that the rain resents her and her trees refuse to grow....would she wallow in self pity and breakdown when she receives the news that her rival residing in the mountains is now she not jealous of the fact that the sun tends to shine on her cousin and the moon prefers to glimmer on her sister and she is left in the dark...that the rest of the world is on the same boat and she is too frail to embark....

that she stands alone... like a wolf among dogs with no where to call home..exiled in the wilderness with no hope of food and water and the only mercy shown is by the stars that shine a dim light on this loner and evan they do not shine upon a path towards shelter.... does she not see that against all odds she will continue to cope...that at the end of this dark tunnel there is a light of hope...does she not know that i love her so...that she is a diamond so rare that she is my queen so fair..that one day.. i will wake up from this night mare.

Mohamed Jamal Mohamed Sirat
Copyright ©2010

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