Sunday, May 30, 2010

-My mother land-

I was born into a nation that was once a country of prosperity
Power, legacy, and superiority
A blissful land that was adored and envied by many nations because of its breathtaking beauty
A land where children ran free and where nature blossomed exotically
A land where people cared for one another not tribal deception or other
A blessed land that stood for one religion, culture and identity
But as time took its course divided we became segregated, separated, alienated to one another
Confliction was raised in high bars surrounding our land
Blood shed killings, suffering civilians scattered all over each and every area code
No sense of safety, security, comfort and protection
Mayhem, corruption, chaos, confusion no sense of order could be directed
The diminishing of our government commenced nothing could be done to regain stability, like a shattered glass we broke into a million of pieces.
No option was left but to run, run away from the struggle, brutality and hostility. Dived we became seeking somewhere to be free and safe from the war zone we where trapped in like a prisoner in your own country.
And strangers we became to the white man's country.
Peace we received and where welcomed gracefully, but guest we still remain even though we adapted to their society
Years and years still go buy and still I do not see a change or even a slight difference
Still conflicting, still in war
Same topics in mind Tribalism, power, superiority
And as we witness it dose not become anything more than a norm
Values have dissolved in to mist air what once was is now history
Hope remains in our hearts but truth to be told nothing will ever change
Generations after generations more brain washed become
So westernized that being Somali is nothing but a logo that has been worn out
We leave our identity so that we can blend in with others from other minorities
But how hard we try to camouflage in to that category we will never ever be one of them
Somalis we remain till the day we die and as one we are supposed to rise up high
Brotherhood, love, and unity we need to promote
Because without us our country will remain doomed
Don't you see that the kufars and what not are trying to demolish our mother land
Once and forever and bit by bit they are succeeding with their devilish plan
Jealous and envious they truly be
Because hold so much wealth and blessings a bounty from Allah
Can't we just stop and think for a minute and see what this conflict has caused
Don't you see the outcome of it all?
Don't you think it's time to surrender and just give up?
Can't we just unity and live amongst each other peacefully?
There is nothing left to do but pray
Pray hard that Somalia becomes united as one
Pray that we are judged by our tribe but for who we be
Pray that this conflict stops and we unify till justice is served
So may Allah protect us and guide us from the trials and tribulations our country faces day to day
Pray for our people may Allah make it easy or them through the struggles
May Allah shower iman into our hearts and shower us with love and brotherhood
Because only Allah knows best and only Allah can guide and misguide

Amal AKA Proud Muslimah
Copyright © 2010

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