Sunday, May 30, 2010

On my way to that LAND....

A short poem dedicated to the forgetten ones that lost their life/themself,running away from war, hoping to get to ’the paradise on earth.

Dear you out there,

I’m walking, walking and walking against the wind.
I’m walking into an unknown future with ”the paradise on earth” on my mind.
I’m walking to run away from my disturbing past in a catastrophic country – I’m leaving it behind.
I’m in middle of no where with people whom I share hope and pain.

All I can see is the color of the sand.
All I fear for the moment is to come out of this totally blind.
I got to continue the struggle to find a peaceful land.
It may be thousands miles away but with my strength I will make it to there.

I hope that the ones I left are still alive and fine.
I promise to reach out for them my hand,
As soon as I get into that land.
Oh Lord, Please make that happen.

They say that the ’destiny is written’.
I guess that my footsteps on this Sahara was written.
And I hope that my footsteeps will be written on the next land.

Abdikafi N Mohamed
Copyright ©2010

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