Thursday, July 29, 2010

He said “I am Africa and Africa is ME”

Dedicated to: S.H.B

He walked in the room
With a persona that reflected the radiant light of the sun
His long dreadlock represented wisdom that could captivate any soul
There was something about his walk
Yeah, there was something about it
He walked as though he was communicating with the soil
Comforting her to believe in her greatness
And that these vultures could never rape her despite stealing her resources time and again
He rhymed…
Oh, yes he rhymed
he rhymed about Africa and its greatness
And of its past warrior and the future rebels
He talked about talking without any fear
He called for liberation of thoughts
His voice seeped right through
And even those who opposed his ideas would LISTEN
Yes, they listened
And, appreciated the wisdom of his thought
He rhymed about life on the fast lane
And its deceptions
He rhymed about Africa too
And proudly said “I am Africa and Africa is ME”
Yes, his persona reflected the radiant light of the sun.
And, he embodied the qualities we would all yearn to have in our brothers.
Yes, that is my African brother.

You are greatly missed.

-Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

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