Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dare to Dream

Land of ours destroyed to the rock
Land of ours drenched in blood
Land of ours dying so young
Land of ours deserted by most
Land of ours denied your right
Land of ours hurt as you are

Maybe there is time to fix you
Maybe there is time to repent
Maybe the people will return
Maybe one day you’ll stand strong and prosper
Maybe one day your people will no longer suffer
Maybe one day we’ll no longer say back home, but actually be at home

Lord of the world let me pray as I bow before you
Let not hate divide my people
Let not the past blur their vision of the future
Let not the innocent pay for the wrong of the rulers
Let not every mother suffer, and her child die of hunger
Let not hope be lost, for this land and its people

Maybe I am naïve, and to you I sound crazy
Maybe we’ve done so much wrong, we don’t recall what’s right
Maybe we’ve diminished the integrity of our land in the eyes of those watching
Maybe it’ll take decades for us to recover and redeem ourselves
Maybe tyrants will replace tyrants and continue the turmoil
Maybe you’re right in doubting my sanity……..But I Dare to Dream!!

Famo A. L
Copyright © 2010

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