Thursday, July 29, 2010

He embodied truth

Dedicated to: Rap

He embodied truth
Truth that could pierce your heart
And leave you in awe
He embodied patience
The kind that is unknown to many
He embodied wisdom
Wisdom that could easily link him to great scholars
Or perhaps even exceed them
He embodied honesty
The kind that was essential to be truthful
He embodied the womb of a caring mother
The kind that would disprove those who said only women are compassionate enough to love and give unconditionally
He embodied inner strength
The kind that warriors failed in achieving
He embodied peace of mind
That kind even those who achieved nirvana
Have not tasted yet
He embodied poetic flows
The kind that made his poetry seep in
And make an abode in your heart
And make your mind question everything
He embodied inner and outer beauty
The kind that you couldn’t stop staring at
He embodied freedom even behind bars
The kind that would embarrass you and I
For being locked up within our own souls
For being hooked up to wires that constantly manipulates our minds
And steals our mental freedom to think, rebel, and free our minds
We buy into freedom of speech sh*t
But what good is freedom of speech when suppression of thought is practiced widely?
He embodied all that we lacked and yearned for.
Yes, he embodied truth and freedom.

-Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

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