Thursday, July 29, 2010


The occurrence of the past has led us to the present.
Today, today I wish my words would be pleasant
Today discussions are irrelevant I stand defiant
Long I have been patient; of the truth my mind has been absent

Foolish enough to be sleeping with the enemy
When it is only I that can protect me
My existence is heavy, cut of from reality
Even international help cant get to me
It would take you an eternity to decipher what my eyes see
Starved from humanity, in the debris is where you will find me

My brain is and can be picked like a faulty lock
My life is cheaper then that of the cheapest livestock
Sweet memories in my mind I search and look
Reality is nothing but a reminder of what they forceable took

I am a Reflection of mankind’s animosity
Your actions activate my anger and hate
I am the soil and the soil is my state
From this darkness we shall find away to illuminate
From this madness we shall find away to elevate
Only those that submit, accept designated fate

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2010 .

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